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Embedded Inbound Payments for Software Platforms & Enterprises

Elevate your business with our cutting-edge embedded payments solution, designed to integrate effortlessly into your platform or marketplace

Empower Your Platform with Seamless Embedded Payments


Faster Time to Market

Accelerate your time-to-market with our fully embedded platform, minimizing the traditionally associated upfront costs and development time for payment facilitation.


Eliminate Payment Processing Costs

Eliminate payment processing costs by passing your processing fees to your customers, allowing you to accept payments at no cost (0%), so your business retains all its revenue.


Improve Customer Experience

Attract and retain users effortlessly by delivering an integrated, user-friendly payment experience within your platform, thereby contributing to a unified and enhanced customer experience.


Unlock New Revenue Streams

Maximize the potential of your platform by making payments a robust source of revenue through our monetization and revenue share programs.

Empower your platform with seamless embedded payments

Accept Payments Online

Our Payment Processing Platform enables Software Platforms & Enterprises to process multiple payment options such as:

One-Time Payments

The Dream Platform is able to process single, non-recurring online payments made by customers

Recurring Payments

The Dream Platform is able to process regular, scheduled and recurring subscription payments made by customers at fixed intervals

Zero Fee Payments

The Dream Platform enables Software Platforms & Enterprises to accept payments at no cost thereby enjoying free payment processing

Accept Multiple Payment Methods

The Dream Platform enables customers to pay online via multiple payment methods including credit cards, and electronic funds transfers (EFT). 

The payment methods that Dream currently supports are as follows:

Credit / Debit


Dream enables Software Platforms & Enterprises to accept payments via multiple card brands such as Visa or MasterCard. Customers can enter their payment details securely and choose to save their details for future use via Dream's Hosted Checkout Page

Bank Transfers

EFT / ACH Payments

Dream also enables embedded digital bank transfers that are settled to the platform's bank account in a day or two via EFT payments in Canada and ACH Bank Transfers in the US

Optimize your checkout experience

Embed our Hosted Account Capture Form in your platform to easily and securely accept one-time payments or subscriptions. The Hosted Capture Form simplifies the payment process for customers, leading to increased convenience and a lower likelihood of abandoned transactions, ultimately contributing to improved customer satisfaction.

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Track & Reconcile Payments

Unlock unparalleled insights with our platform’s advanced reporting and dashboard capabilities. Effortlessly manage, track and reconcile payments, track refunds, and generate custom reports—all from a centralized platform. Gain a comprehensive overview of your transactions, consolidate payment data, and receive instant notifications for timely actions.

Ready to be part of the Dream?

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