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The Dream Insurance Payment Network

A digital payments solution for insurers.

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Payee Portal

A branded, out-of-the-box web portal for your customer and vendor payees.

Insurance customers and vendors use the Payee Portal to:

  • Select their desired payment method

    Manage their payment destinations

  • View details and real-time status of their payments, including past payments


Insurer Dashboard

An out-of-the-box tool for insurance personnel to manage customer and vendor claim payments.

Through the Insurer Dashboard, insurer personal can:

  • Create and approve payments to claimants and vendors

  • Manage and view real-time statuses of each payment

  • View reports

  • Export reconciliation files


Payment Network

Abstracts insurers from the complex world of payments.

The Dream Insurance Payment Network digitizes claims payments to customers and vendors through workflows designed for the industry

Manages integrations to various payment rails

Securely stores recipient and payment data

Provides the functionality and tools to manage end-to-end payment processes, including user management, payment issuance, workflow management, reporting, and more.


Claims Payment API

Simple programmatic interface for insurers to manage payment recipients and issue digital claims payments.

Our claims payment API makes it easy to:

  • Integrate digital claims payments directly into your existing claims system

  • Integrate vendor payments directly into your vendor management system

  • Pull digital payment data directly into your financial reconciliation processes


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