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Card Present Payments as a Service

Unlock new value for your SMB merchant segment.

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Transforming Mobile Merchant Services

Dream's white-label payments cloud for merchant acquirers integrates modern payment terminals into your payment infrastructure while also providing a powerful suite of value-added services for your merchants. Dream's card present payment platform rapidly transforms your mobile and SMB segment from a transaction-based relationship that is highly sensitive to cost to a more lasting and mutually beneficial one. Dream provides merchant service providers with the ability to:

  1. Distribute through a variety of channels, including retail stores and branches

  2. Rapidly onboard merchants

  3. Create merchant stickiness through value added applications

  4. Offer a more seamless integration for value added resellers

Frictionless Onboarding

 Qualify and onboard merchants quickly.


Dream’s onboarding flow provides rapid merchant adjudication, accelerating on-boarding and enabling

businesses to start accepting card-present payments within minutes.

Remote Activation & Device Management

Optimize supply chain and reduce operational costs.


Dream’s patented solution enables merchant acquirers to remotely activate and manage payment terminals in the field, giving your business the ability to provision EMV certified devices and unlock new distribution strategies.

Device and Manufacturer Agnostics

Avoid vendor lock-In


Don't get locked into proprietary payment terminals and technologies from devices manufacturers.  Dream removes vendor lock, giving your organization the flexibility to  respond effectively to market demand for evolving payment terminals.  Dream's platform integrates each payment terminal in a standard way, enabling you to manage them more seamlessly and offer a consistent experience to your merchants

Low Cost Distribution Channels

Distribute terminals in-store.


Using Dream's remote activation and device management technology, you can distribute merchant solutions in-store / in-branch and via unique low cost channels that were not previously accessible.

API's and 3rd Party Applications

Offer more to your merchants.


Create unparalleled stickiness and improve your merchants' competitiveness. Dream provides value added plug-in services to online accounting services, enabling merchants to run their businesses more effectively.

Expedited Device Integration for VAR's

Reduce time to market.


Dream insulates your business from costly and time-consuming device integration projects with value-added resellers, while also allowing you to offer them the devices and technology they desire most. Dream’s embeddable payment SDK provides a consistent integration experience for value-added resellers, enabling them to deploy card-present payment technology within their own solution quickly, and without the certifications that would previously be necessary for an integrated experience. 

Give your merchants an experience that extends beyond payments.

Ready to be part of the Dream?

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