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A Simple Payment API for Insurers

Made for rapid integration by insurers and claims administration platforms.

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Introducing the Claims Payment API

Quickly and easily add digital payments to enhance customer satisfaction.

Faster Payments.png
Faster Payments
Offer Choice.png
Offer Choice
Improve Effeciency.png
Improve Efficiency

Digitize and automate the flow of funds to your customers

Give your customers choice in how they wish to receive their payments

Make it easier for your claims personnel to serve and support your customers

Increasing customer satisfaction by improving their experience.


Claims Payment API

A simple programmatic interface for insurers and insurance claim administration platforms.

Our claims payment API makes it easy to:

  • Integrate digital claims payments directly into your existing claims system

  • Integrate vendor payments directly into your vendor management system

  • Pull digital payment data directly into your financial reconciliation processes

How does it work?

Integrate directly to the the Dream Insurance Payment Network API's from your existing claims systems to enable digital payment options for your customers and deliver an enhanced customer payment experience.


Payment Experts

Our team of payment experts are here to help you on your journey towards digital claims payments.  We insulate you from the complexity and challenges of integrating with various payment technologies through our simple claims payment API.

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Get access to our API today!

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