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Insurer Dashboard

Through the Insurer Dashboard, insurer personal can:

  • Create and approve payment to claimants and vendors

  • Manage and view real-time statuses of each payment

  • View reports

  • Export reconciliation files

Payments Hub
  • The Dream Payments Insurance Hub digitizes claims payments to customers and vendors through workflows designed for the industry

  • Manages integrations to various payment rails

  • Securely stores recipient and payment data

Payee Portal

Insurance customers and vendors use the Payee Portal to:

  • Add and manage their payment destinations

  • View real-time statuses of and manage their payments


Simple programmatic interface for insurers to manage payment recipients and issue digital payments.

Use the API to:

  • Integrate digital claims disbursements directly into your claims system

  • Integrate vendor payments directly into your vendor management system

  • Pull digital payment data directly into your financial reconciliation processes